Just Wait ‘Til Your Father Gets Home!


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This. This is the face I woke up with this morning after finding out late last night via text message with the babysitter that my stepdaughter, who we’ll just call freakin’ Sunshine from now on, lied about using and damaging my cell phone last week. Here’s the report on how it went down…


A pregnant stepmom has grounded her 9 year stepdaughter for FOREVER. According to reports, the 34 year-old, pregnant stepmother discovered that her stepdaughter was lying to her about secretly using her phone to play on Instagram and other social sites after a thorough investigation cleared her babysitter. During this time, the 9 year-old also damaged the phone by peeling off the glass screen protector, cracking it, and then putting it back on on top of dirt and cat hair, scratching the real screen underneath.

“Since she feels she is old enough to sneakily take, use and break other people’s things after specifically being told not to, AND she is obviously old enough to tell an elaborate lie to cover it up, including blaming someone else for her actions, then I guess that means she is old enough to where she would not enjoy Legoland or Disney,” the stepmother was reported saying.

Official word concerning her punishment in this matter is under review. Reportedly, the girl’s father is in the middle of the Pacific, and he will be making the final decision once he arrives home.

What She Did & How I Found Out

So, I don’t have a home phone and had to leave my cell phone with Sunshine and her babysitter when I went to work. One day last week, I came home from work, paid the sitter, and hopped on my phone, noticing the screen protector was cracked, with tons of air bubbles, cat hair, dirt and lumps of toast crumbs underneath. After attempting to get in touch with the babysitter, Sunshine finally piped up, admitting she did it.

I also have my Instagram account set to “public” for an assignment in grad school. Fast forward to yesterday, I was alerted to some odd, and somewhat creepy, “likes” from my profile by a classmate. So, I checked it out and…you have GOT to be kidding me!! I showed Sunshine the pictures and asked if she had used my phone. She told me, “No, but (babysitter) did.” I immediately called the babysitter, who was not home, and explained the situation to her parents. They promised to talk to her and to have her call or text me when she gets home. She finally texts me at 11-ish last night to let me know she didn’t use my phone for anything other than to call or text me, but had caught Sunshine playing on it last week. Through my totally awesome, super-keen, investigative skills, I found out that the pictures were “liked” on the same day the screen protector was broken, and came to the conclusion that Sunshine had, in fact, done it.

What could she have possibly “liked” that would amount to such a big deal, you ask?

Shirtless boy-band members, many, many, MANY shirtless boy-band members…and puppies(?!).

Yup. Tons of teen boys without shirts, liked by MY face….so basically, I look like a total weirdo perv. Fabulous.

Plus, she approved a few sensitive Facebook friend requests…

Since she embarrassed me to such a grand extent, I’m in the process of thinking up ways to return the favor…stay tuned for details…


Battle of My Life


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I’ve spent 90% of my life – not my adult life, my WHOLE life – hating myself. For as long as I can remember, I dreamed of being anyone, but me.

I wake up in the morning, every day, and I bully myself about what a giant piece of disgusting, loser I am.

Every. Single. Damn. Day. It’s become so normal to me that most days, I don’t even realize I’m doing it. It’s exhausting. I start every day with a battle…against myself.

But after having the best day of my life yesterday, I woke up for the first time in a long time, not having to remind myself to be nice to me, feeling special, content and almost a little bit normal, so I decided to share my thoughts…

There are so many days we feel frustration, wishing our lives were different…if I only I had more money, if I only hadn’t turned down that job, if I only was thinner, if I only didn’t make that dumb joke, if I only wasn’t nervous, if I only paid more attention, if only I was a better person…but taking a step back and looking at the grand picture instead of inspecting all the individual pieces, we find that we have been so incredibly lucky and blessed in our lives.

In the last 3 years, my husband and I found each other in our greatest time of need, moved to San Diego, married, nurtured our family, and are now blessed to be expecting our first child together. Looking at these milestones makes all the negativity surrounding the move, my step-daughter’s mother, the stagnation in my career, the frustration in my husband’s career, and all the missed opportunities and heartbreaking rejections seem smaller and insignificant.

While I may not have been blessed to have encountered many organizations or people that respect the life of a military spouse or my professional accomplishments, I’ve been exposed to those that are not intimidated by my value and take my military dependant status as an asset, rather than a liability, and I have been given friends that help me stand tall when I can’t do it on my own, redefining me.

Even though my career goals are still far out of reach, and I still wake up every day bullying myself about something I didn’t do perfectly, I can’t imagine where I would be emotionally, where my husband would be emotionally, had we not been sent to this beautiful new place.

We are blessed to have this life, everyday we are blessed in ways we don’t understand, and we have a choice to accept these blessings with happiness or reject them with shoulda-coulda-wouldas, sadness and anger. In the modified words of Michael J. Fox, acceptance over expectations.

That said, I promise not to go all preach-y on everyone on a regular basis, so don’t unfriend me, and instead, follow my newly pressed blog!